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The Advantages Of Portable Spill Mats

In many cases, spills are going to happen regardless of how much preparation you take. Whether it is from leaking machinery, oily hardware, or greasy containers, small amounts of oil and dangerous chemicals can accumulate with time and turn into a dangerous situation for the environment and staff. A

Corrosive Storage Cabinets: Advantages And Considerations

Corrosive storage cabinets come in two styles: polyethylene and steel. The steel version usually uses a polyethylene drip tray, so that if the corrosive container leaks, the metal isn’t eaten away. Regardless of the type you choose, you’re sure to protect your flammables and corrosives.

The Advantages Of Absorbent Kits

Absorbents are part of the spill kit, and they are what soaks up the liquid spillage and helps to contain it. Absorbent kits are essential if you work with liquids, such as flammables, corrosives, chemicals, fuels, oil, and more. While spills are likely to happen in the workplace, you

Spill Containment Pallets: Compliance

Chemical spills are environmentally dangerous and potentially fatal, but spill containment pallets help minimise the effects of accidental harm.

Spill Kits Training: Why It’s Essential

Understanding the need for spill kits is just the beginning. Once you have them purchased and set-up at the facility, you also have to consider learning how to use them. Most people think that they can just follow the instructions when the need arises, but you want to have

Why Have Corrosive Storage Cabinets Onsite

Using chemicals is one of the dangers that many employees face. Company owners are well-known for using training as a way to deter spills and accidents, but that isn’t enough. Most countries have regulations in place that help prevent accidents and injury to employees and the environment. One such