The Advantages Of Absorbent Kits

by | Mar 4, 2019 | Environmental Consultant

Absorbents are part of the spill kit, and they are what soaks up the liquid spillage and helps to contain it. Absorbent kits are essential if you work with liquids, such as flammables, corrosives, chemicals, fuels, oil, and more. While spills are likely to happen in the workplace, you don’t have to cause property damage or risk the lives of your employees. You can clean up the mess effectively and quickly. You can find a variety of absorbents and options, such as rolls and pads. You can roll out exactly what you need to clean up the mess and keep rolling it until all the liquid is soaked up or you can use a smaller pad that sits underneath or all around the liquid container to prevent spills.

Absorbent kits come with a variety of things inside. The sorbent is used to soak up the liquid. You can also find land socks to place around the outer perimeter of the spill to keep it contained while the clean-up crew works. Most of the time, you also get a disposal bag to put the soiled sorbents into, and the kit might also include an anti-static shovel to scoop up the mess. If not, you can likely purchase this item separately.

EcoSpill offers a variety of absorbent kits, such as the SNOW universal absorbent, which is multi-purpose and reusable. It comes in powder form and is suitable for chemical, fuels, paints, oils, and vegetable liquids, as well as semi-liquid spillage. You can also find EcoSweep, which is an organic and bio-active absorbent used to soak up oils, fuels, cooking oil, solvents, and other messes. ChemSorb is another option that is suitable for chemicals while Bitumen Plus uses the EcoSweep Bioactive ingredient along with Zeolite, ensuring that it can be used on bitumen surfaces and roads.

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