Spill Containment Pallets: Compliance

by | Dec 26, 2018 | Environmental Consultant

Chemical spills are environmentally dangerous and potentially fatal, but spill containment pallets help minimise the effects of accidental harm.

Additives, pesticides, and pharmaceutical drugs are among the many chemicals used in everyday life. The presence of these chemicals in large quantities expose environments and communities to significant long-term consequences, such as cancer-causing diseases. The Department of the Environment and Energy, an Australian government agency, regulated chemical use and storage by outlining certain guidelines industries must follow to enable a “more consistent, efficient, and effective approach,” in managing environmental risk factors. Some of the actions and stipulations enforced by the Department of the Environment and Energy are, performing risk assessments and developing international agreements to keep communities healthy and disaster free, it also imposes fines of $10,000 or more for violations.

Spill containment pallets are one of the initiatives business can purchase for compliance purposes, which are built to appease regulations. There are various different containment systems to choose from when seeking these pallets, and these products are built with 100% polyethylene to withstand most chemical, acids, and corrosives. They work by trapping toxic liquid spills within the pallet body. Some of the other products are built to easily transport and store pallets. Another initiative companies can consider is the use of a chemicals checklist developed by the Department of Industry to take inventory of company resources.

Ecospill, an entity that provides protocol solutions for environmental and personal protection, designed safety equipment to prevent and reduce industrial chemical spills. All of their products, from drum containment pallets, to portable bund systems are created within environmental standards set forth by the EPA. Although industrial chemicals are used every day, companies that used such products have the responsibility to protect all that is of significant value. Government agencies are proposed with the mission to ensure business’ operate within safety guidelines to protect precious environmental resources and communities. Not doing so, will inevitably result in fines; however, spill containment pallets are sure to keep everyone and everything safe.

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