A Silt Fence Installation in Milwaukee, WI Protects Trees on Construction Sites

by | Jan 4, 2016 | Construction & Maintenance

On a construction site, the property owner may want to save some of the trees instead of clearing all of them away. Protecting the trees is commonly accomplished with Silt Fence Installation in Milwaukee WI. This provides a completely visible and suitable barrier, alerting workers to leave those trees alone. The fences are set up before any of the excavation or other construction work begins. Several other protective actions are necessary if the grade of the land will be significantly raised or lowered within six feet of these trees, but the fencing is the initial work done to readily identify the protected plants.

Snow fences can be used in some cases, but Silt Fence Installation in Milwaukee WI, has certain advantages. Because the fencing is made of woven fabric or plastic, it effectively blocks fine sediment from reaching the trees during the site construction process. A flow of sediment over the tree roots can have a smothering effect. Erosion is common on construction sites after plant growth has been removed since nothing is left to hold the soil in place when rain falls.

These fences are constructed with black material, which construction workers recognize for the sediment filtration purpose. The plastic or synthetic fabric is held in place with posts made of wood or metal. Some trench excavation must be done to install the fences since the material must go at least four inches below ground level. Otherwise, sediment will find its way under the fabric or plastic.

If a large number of trees will be saved in one particular area, the fence installation technicians can put up a silt fence barrier around that entire space. They may add a temporary chain link fence to make the area stand out to construction workers. Adhering signs to the chain link fence in each direction can alert workers as to why this area is blocked off.

A company such as United Rent-a-Fence can install silt fencing to help property owners save their trees during construction work. The fences also can be set up anywhere on the property that is at risk of substantial soil erosion. Contact us for further details.

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