Multiple Colour Considerations for New Roofing in Franklin

by | Dec 24, 2015 | Construction & Maintenance

When it’s time to think about new Roofing in Franklin, someone who has never had a roof installed before may think about doing something unusual. Maybe the idea of bright, bold colours seems appealing compared with the old neutral tone of the existing shingles. Someone who has an artistic flair may think about having more than one colour for the shingles, perhaps in a specific pattern. Homeowners must be careful to check zoning regulations for their neighbourhood in the Nashville area, as there likely will be certain limitations on how wild and crazy they can get with shingle colours.

A contractor who does Roofing in Franklin is familiar with the relevant codes and check on specific questions as well. If homeowners live in a rural part of the metro area, they may be free to design their roof however they see fit, but they must check with the township before proceeding to make sure. Municipalities, in contrast, generally prefer to keep roofing designs somewhat consistent to preserve the aesthetic integrity of neighbourhoods.

A house might still be allowed to have shingles of multiple colours if the design is tastefully done. A mix of tan, pale yellow and dusty rose might be suitable, for example. Various shades of green also can create a more intriguing look without being viewed as disruptive in the pervasive architectural style of the neighbourhood. Mixing loud versions of primary colours probably will not be allowed, but bright accent points at the edges could be acceptable. The roof style may be viewed as appropriate with a random pattern that creates a heather design, but obvious patterns such as zigzag should be avoided.

Another consideration might involve whether the garage must have the same colour shingles as the house. Generally, zoning regulations require an attached garage to have a similar roof design as the house does. A detached garage may be allowed to sport a different hue; the same is true for outbuildings such as garden sheds.

More information about these considerations is available from a contractor such as The H.E. Parmer Company. Homeowners can begin by looking at the website for contact details.

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