Metal Buildings in Spokane WA as Storage Units on Residential Property

by | Jan 5, 2016 | Construction & Maintenance

The preponderance of self-storage units throughout the United States can make one wonder why more people don’t simply store their belongings at the home in a secure shed. Many property owners have enough land for this but still spend money every month renting a storage unit. Perhaps they believe storage facilities offer better security, but that can be managed at home just as well. Metal Buildings in Spokane WA function particularly well as storage units in a yard. Since they are available in numerous styles, they can actually complement and enhance the appearance of the property. Having one in the backyard is much more convenient than having to drive to a storage facility.

Storage facilities most commonly appear as structures with a multitude of garage doors. Homeowners can add their own storage unit to the yard and have it look like a rustic cabin or an English cottage instead of a nondescript garage. They can even request a custom design from a supplier of Metal Buildings in Spokane WA that matches the design of their home.

Property owners can match the level of storage facility security with surveillance cameras, motion lights and secure locks. Depending on where they live, they may choose to install an alarm system as well. The cost for all of this, along with the building itself, may seem cost-prohibitive, but it’s time to do the math and consider how much can be spent on storage rental. Some individuals spend $50 or $100 a month on a unit, for example, and it’s common for people to rent storage units for years. In the end, there’s nothing to show for all the money spent except the possessions the person started out with.

In contrast, when adding a metal building from a contractor such as Town & Country Builders Inc, the person owns this structure and can eventually decide to do something else with it if he or she chooses. It can be converted to a garden shed, workshop or home office. Adding the structure to the property increases the real estate value since many people appreciate having an extra building on the land.

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