Why You Need to Treat Concrete to Keep Water out and Protect Your Buildings

by | Sep 11, 2019 | Construction Tip

As a rule, water and concrete are not a good combination after it has already dried. Water can cause cracks and other damage that could cost hundreds or thousands of dollars to replace. Homeowners and commercial property owners may want to invest in some concrete waterproof sealer to help protect their investment in those structures.

Cracks Can Cause a Foundation to Become Unstable

If a home or building experiences a crack in its foundation, there is a chance that the structure could slide or settle. Signs that a foundation is not stable include cracks in the walls or doors that are difficult to open. Ideally, you will call for a professional to inspect your home if you see these or other signs.

Weeds Can Grow in Cracks

Depending on where a crack is located, it may not put you or your family in any danger of being hurt. However, it could be a prime location for weeds to grow. It is not uncommon to see weeds growing in front of a garage or on a patio that has not been treated with concrete waterproof sealer. Once the weeds take hold, they can grow under a concrete surface and cause further damage.

Damaged Concrete Doesn’t Look Appealing

A cracked driveway, garage floor or patio doesn’t look appealing to those who drive by your home. This can be especially detrimental if you are planning to put your home on the market. If your home doesn’t look nice or looks like it has not been properly maintained, there is less of a chance that someone will want to buy it.

Treating concrete surfaces can go a long way toward keeping your property in good condition. This will help hold its resale value while making it safer and more comfortable to live or work in.

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