Why There Is a Demand for Hardscape Renovation in Newport Coast, CA

by | Sep 16, 2019 | Construction & Maintenance

In the landscaping industry, professionals often include non-growing elements known as hardscaping. That means designs include man-made features like walls, paths, or entertainment areas. Virtually every home in Newport Coast includes some hardscaping. Homeowners often choose professional hardscape renovation in Newport Coast CA when older features have become unsightly or damaged. Many people also contact West Hills Masonry so experts can redesign hardscaping. Professionals will create features that increase property values, help conserve natural resources, and provide entertainment space.

New Hardscaping Can Make Properties Eco-Friendly

Hardscape renovation in Newport Coast CA is popular among homeowners who want to make homes more environmentally friendly while reducing exterior maintenance. The average annual rainfall in Newport Coast is only about 12 inches a year, so water is important. Irrigating properties can get expensive. As a result, landscape professionals who provide specialty masonry services in the region offer designs that blend the beauty of natural elements with the elegance of low-maintenance hardscaping. Most designs also include plants that thrive in dry climates.

Custom Hardscaping Adds Beauty and Interest

Professionals who redesign hardscaping can give dreary original elements a new look. When most homeowners think of hardscaping, they envision bland driveways, sidewalks, and curbs. However, experts use design principles to create breathtaking results. For instance, they evaluate each yard’s style and use a variety of features to define spaces. Options might include eye-catching pavers, stepping stones, and walls. Each feature is purposefully crafted to create a scene that fits together. Not all elements are flat, either. Many designs include elegant options like tiered pavers that create steps in various sections of properties.

Hardscaping Is Used to Create Entertainment Areas

Hardscaping is commonly a part of well-defined entertainment spaces on properties. Designers might create patios from decorative materials and then add pergolas. Contractors design custom gathering spaces with stone surrounds that double as seating. Entertainment areas can include decking, fire pits, outdoor kitchens, and fireplaces. Many are covered, so homeowners can use them year-round.

Masonry professionals who provide custom landscaping services are frequently needed to renovate hardscaping. Homeowners often schedule these projects to replace unsightly older elements or add new, eco-friendly features. Contractors blend hardscaping into landscaping to add beauty, increase home values, and include functional elements like entertainment areas.

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