When Hiring a Roofing Company in Topeka, KS Can No Longer Be Delayed

by | Oct 31, 2018 | Roofing

When she saw the brown stain on the ceiling tile by the living room closet, she muttered a swear word and felt like bursting into tears. It was another roof leak in a different place. The previous one had been eliminated by the work of a handyman friend, but the roof was developing more problems. Was it time to hire a roofing company in Topeka KS to do more repairs or perhaps add another layer of shingles?

Ineffective Repairs

In a last-ditch effort to save money, she tried to get hold of the friend, but he was vacationing out of state. A girlfriend had recently become romantically involved with a carpenter, and she offered his services. Although not a roofer, he knew his way around a roof. They came over and he climbed up the ladder and did some patching.

After the next rain, the leak was significantly worse. She had to move everything out of the living room closet to let it all dry, and she ran an oscillating fan to dry out the closet. Now she was in tears. There could be no more delays in calling a roofing company in Topeka KS for an estimate on reroofing.

Reroofing: An Extra Layer of Shingles

As it turned out, this homeowner’s roof did qualify for an extra layer of shingles. Not all houses do. If there already are two layers of shingles, a third would add far too much weight for the structure. Not all structures can support even the second layer. People who can do this, however, can save a substantial amount of money compared with having all the old shingles torn off and new ones installed.

They must keep in mind that the more expensive option tends to be better for aesthetic purposes. Reroofing also prevents the workers from evaluating the wood underneath and replacing any damaged material. Also, a new roof will likely become imperative within several years. Laying new shingles over old ones do not last as long as a new roof. Contractors like Alpha Roofing can do either type of project. Click here for contact information.

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