Guide to Gutter Repair in Fort Myers FL

by | Nov 1, 2018 | Roofing

Florida homeowners rely on gutters to protect their homes from water damage. When gutters do not function properly, they can bring destruction to a home’s foundation and siding. Homeowners may attempt to repair the gutters on their own, or they may opt to hire a skilled contractor to perform gutter repair in Fort Myers FL. Either way, it is critical for homeowners to understand when their gutters are malfunctioning so they can get the problems resolved quickly to avoid a more costly repair situation in the future.

Signs of Trouble

Typically when the weather is dry, homeowners are not generally concerned with their gutters, and when it is raining, homeowners are inside, so they rarely get an opportunity to witness the gutters in action. During dry weather, check to make sure the gutters are attached securely to the home in all areas and that water is not dripping from any area. Look for washed out landscaping underneath the gutters, which could indicate a clogged area or one in need of repair. Inspect the downspouts to be sure that they are correctly connected. When it is raining, verify there is no water shooting over the gutters, especially in the corners. Additionally, be sure there is no water dripping between the gutter and the fascia board or from the soffit area, both of which could indicate a needed repair.

Bring in a Professional

Certain homeowners feel confident in handling minor repairs themselves. Depending on the level of gutter repair work needed, this could be a viable option for a skilled homeowner. However, if multiple repairs are required or if the homeowner has no experience in gutter work whatsoever, they could make a careless mistake, whereas using a professional contractor could eliminate the need for costly repair work in the future.

Finding Help

Ask neighbors, co-workers, and friends about gutter repair contractors they have used in the past and ask for recommendations. Potentially, ask trusted roofing contractors or insurance agents. They have a wealth of knowledge about local contractors and could offer sage advice. Look up recommended contractors on the Better Business Bureau and read reviews on websites such as Angie’s List and Google. Call potential contractors to discuss an inspection and to gauge their level of knowledge and professionalism. Contact Elite Roofing And Restoration for more information about gutter repair in Fort Myers FL. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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