What to Consider Before House Raising in New Orleans, LA

by | Jun 27, 2022 | Construction & maintanance

Lifting your house onto a higher foundation can protect it against significant flood damage. Because many areas are below sea level, Louisiana homes are at an increased risk, particularly during hurricane season. Before hiring a contractor for house raising in New Orleans, LA, you must consider several factors.

The Nature of Your Structure

Not all homes qualify for a house raising in New Orleans, LA. Your contractor will look at your home’s structure and determine if they can provide the service. It’s critical to note that some homes will cost more than others.


Before hiring a house raising contractor, make sure you know the project’s cost. The best contractors offer quotes for their services to give you a clear picture of what you must spend. Ask about additional fees that may be required, depending on the extra work they may encounter. Get a quote in writing to give you more confidence.

Choose the Best Method

Contractors use several methods for house raising in New Orleans, LA, depending on the structure and various factors. Talk to your contractor about which procedure they recommend and why. Researching multiple techniques will help you decide whether you’re getting a fair recommendation. Asking various companies can give you a better idea of what works best in your area.

Consider the Height

Another essential consideration for house raising in New Orleans, LA is how high you want to lift your home. The overall height depends on the flood plain and your home’s elevation. Your contractor will recommend the most appropriate measurement.

If you’re interested in house raising in New Orleans, LA, visit the Patterson Structural Moving & Shoring website to schedule a consultation.

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