Let a Roofer in Overland Park, KS Keep Your Home’s Roof Leak-Free

by | Jul 21, 2022 | Roofing

A home’s roof is a series of rafters and joists that create a skeleton frame, a layer of decking for strength and to hold any roof coverings, and at least one layer of asphalt or similar material to keep water away. When that roof begins to leak, an experienced roofer in Overland Park, KS may suggest alternatives such as metal roofing, fiber cement, composite shingles, or laminated shingles. One reason for this is the extensive warranty the products offer. Fiber-cement tiles tend to have a service life of thirty to thirty-five years, while other materials offer warranties of fifty years or longer.

There is no right choice for the best material, because there are various factors involved. For example, fiber-cement can be an excellent choice for homes where termites are a problem. This material is similar to the siding used on many new homes. The product is a mix of Portland cement and cellulose, which is very pest-resistant. The tiles are typically rectangular and patterned to allow water to shed off quickly.

If you want to change the appearance of your home, laminated or composite shingles may be a better choice. Laminated shingles are created with an additional layer of material on the backside, which creates a thick and durable product. Each shingle has random arrangements, so each installation is different. Composite shingles place one or more extra shingle layers on top. This creates a product with deep shadows and simulates the look of slate roofing.

The main reason to consider any roofer in Overland Park, KS is to extend the life of an aging roof or replace it when it finally goes. The first task is possible with occasional roofing inspection and rapid repairs. The second will eventually occur when roofing material ages or the roof sustains heavy damage. Replacing the roof will require at least one important decision: which product to install. If no choice is made, the roofer will usually suggest the budget option of asphalt shingle. This may save money at the time of repair, but in the long term, budget shingles may end up costing the property owner more money. Visit our website to learn more.

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