Ways Foundation Repair Can Save You Money

by | Aug 31, 2017 | Construction & Maintenance

So, you’ve got some cracks in the walls of your basement, and you’re looking up options for foundation repair in Massachusetts. Every option you’re looking at seems quite expensive, and you’re thinking that it isn’t worth it to pay someone thousands of dollars to fix such a small looking thing. Maybe you can just get some epoxy and fill in the cracks yourself. The reality of the situation is, paying a decent amount of money now can save you from having to pay much more in the future. In fact, it could even save you money now.

Underlying Cause

The most prevalent cause of foundation damage across the board is water, whether it be poor drainage, or too much/too little moisture in the soil. You can get a professional to epoxy the problem, or attempt to do it yourself, but as long as the root cause of the problem isn’t addressed, the issue with your foundation will not go away. If the land around your home isn’t properly sloped, then you have to bring in an expert to get the property properly draining. If there’s a blocked drain, then a professional will have to clear it. No matter what you do, the solution will only be temporary if the reason for it isn’t dealt with.

An Uneven Foundation

Over time, if your foundation is uneven, the situation will devolve. More and more of the foundation will become less and less reliable, and eventually, you will have no choice but to excavate the whole thing and rebuild it, a process costing tens of thousands of dollars. If you instead reinforce or level an uneven foundation, you can save a potential fortune. Furthermore, an uneven foundation will affect your doors, windows, and walls, all of which might need independent repairs due to the foundation issue.

Home Equity

All of that is potential savings, but how can foundation repair actually gain you money in the present? Your home equity, a significant element of most middle-class families’ wealth, suffers if the foundation is in bad condition. Despite the cost in the thousands, having a strong foundation can send your home equity upwards hundreds of thousands of dollars. The value spent is immediately recouped by the increased value of your home.

It’s very difficult to say which one of these fixes will save you the most, or be the most effective. Most contractors who deal with foundation issues deal in one solution, and will decry other solutions, so it’s important to get the impartial opinion of an expert to determine the best solution for you. Visit us at website for more details. Like us on our facebook page.

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