Top Five Signs You May Need Lift Station Services

by | Sep 1, 2017 | Septic System Service

Some buildings, mainly industrial and commercial buildings, have lift stations. Sewage or wastewater lift stations, also known as pump stations, are used to pump wastewater from a lower elevation to a higher elevation. They are commonly used when the elevation of the source doesn’t have enough gravity flow or conveyance to work properly on its own.

Lift stations need to be maintained in order to work properly. If your lift station isn’t doing its job, you may end up with a backlog of sewage or other issues, which are never good. In order to get your lift station back on track, you’ll need to know when to seek repair services.

In order to know when to seek repair service, you should know which signs to look for regarding your lift station. Some are more obvious than others, but you should be sure to know them all. Here are the top three signs you may need lift station services.

Plugged Pumps

This one may seem obvious, but plugged pumps are always a reason to call in the professionals. Many waste products can fit through the system, but sometimes they can cause clogging anyway. Rags, sanitary products, and other items can easily cause backups, so you may need lift station services to unclog your system. You might also be due for a new non-clogging impeller.

Longer Run Times

If it seems like your pump station never stops running, you may have an issue. Just like a toilet, pumps should only run for a brief period time after use. In any case, there are many underlying issues that can cause long run times, all of which should be inspected by lift station services.

Rusty Valves

If there are exterior valves that are rusted, there are likely interior valves that look the same. This can be caused by either clogs or leaks, or sometimes both. In any case, they should be mended by a service found at website domain.

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