The Unknown Flexibility In Asphalt Concrete Flooring, A Pro Few Knew Even Existed

by | Nov 17, 2016 | Paving Contractor

Concrete is bland, gray, cool, and uniformly ugly. It is why it is usually covered up in wonderfully rich and textured wood paneling or a more traditional use of carpeting. But, are these fair distinctions? Is concrete really ugly every time? There may be some unknown and widely unrealized pros to Asphalt Concrete that can be explored for individuals looking for more.

Concrete can be flexible. Admittedly, it was not always this way. In the last few years, providers have found new ways to offer versatility to concrete application. Highline Pavement Maintenance specializes in pavement, but the team has explored texture effects and coloring to great effect. Not all concrete is created equal. Some may have a pre-mix base with a different balance of raw materials, resulting in a different final result upon application. For example, a coloring (i.e., a yellow) can be added directly to the concrete. During the mixture, the coloring is drawn in. When the slabs are placed, the coloring will appear in the concrete slab, thus changing the uniform gray to a softer and more yellow hue. Some popular colors include blue, lavender, and brown.

Some professionals may add an acid stain to the concrete. This feature will bring out the textures in the concrete and illuminate some incredible and natural; designs that occur. As opposed to a straight and flat gray, the concrete will pop. It will appear as small “cracks” in the concrete, as if a lighting effect.

The last feature that is possible is a decorative texture application. It isn’t as popular as other choices, but it is an option. Clients can have patterns applied to the concrete as it is settling. This could be extremely obvious. For example, the professionals can essentially “stamp in” a vivid design that can’t be mixed. They can also add a pattern overlay to add a pattern upon the concrete. It could be zigzags, circles, etc.

An Asphalt Concrete mixture isn’t well-known for its applicable flexibility, but that could change. There may be different ways to turn that dull gray into something more lively in a residential or commercial capacity. You can also like them on Facebook for more information.

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