Prevent Repairs by a Roofer in Johnston by Checking Ventilation System

by | Nov 10, 2016 | Roofing

The attic is often overlooked when people are trying to reduce their energy bills. Without proper ventilation, the sun beating down on the roof can heat the attic, which in turn transfers the heat into your home. Even in the winter, a roof needs to be ventilated to help reduce energy bills and prevent damage to the roof.

Signs of Poor Ventilation

You can easily tell if you have a ventilation problem by touching the ceiling in your house on a warm, sunny day to check for heat. Also, if the eaves are covered with thick ice in the winter, then your roof may be poorly vented. A roofer in Johnston can check for vents on the roof and give you an estimate for installing them if none are found.

Prevent Roof Damage

Poor ventilation can result in expensive roof repairs because the shingles can retain moisture during the winter and summer months. In addition, the extreme heat caused by a poorly vented roof can bake the shingles, causing them to wear out faster and provide less protection for your house. Fortunately, a roofer can prevent unnecessary repairs by installing vents and attic fans.

Reduce Operating Costs

By installing vents on the peak of the roof and along eaves, cool air can be pulled into the attic and help push hot air out. This will help reduce the heating and cooling bills for your house and prevent damage to the roof. A roofer can also make sure eaves are in good repair so guttering doesn’t sag and lead to water damage in the foundation of the house.

Proper roof ventilation saves money by reducing energy bills and preventing roof damage from moisture or heat. To help keep the temperatures in your home regulated, have a roofer inspect your home’s ventilation system.

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