What a Few Structural Changes Can Do for Patios in Brookline, MA

by | Jan 20, 2017 | Construction and Maintenance

While the patio isn’t bad, space does not have a lot of visual appeals. Space is also not all that great for use in certain types of weather. One of the ways to get more from the patio is to talk with a contractor about making a few structural changes to space. Here are some ideas for Patios in Brookline MA that will give the space new life.

Adding Color and Style to the Concrete

At present, the patio is basically a concrete slab. What would happen if the homeowner talked to a professional about tinting the concrete? Going one step further, consider how choosing to add detailing that looks like outdoor tiles or even some kind of mosaic design provides and immediate boost in the look of the space. Choose the colors well, and it will be easy to change the look of the patio whenever the mood strikes.

Adding Pergola Posts

Pergolas are arched structures that provide an easy way to update the look of the patio. Install pergola posts in each corner and then run arches to create a framework. Depending on the tastes of the owner, it will be easy enough to train running plants up each post and across the expanse provided by the arch. The result is a cozier feel to the patio without doing away with all of the natural light.

Retaining Walls, Borders, and Definition

Retaining walls and borders around one or all three of the outward patio sides can provide the definition needed to arrange furniture in a more pleasant layout. For example, think of what retaining walls on the two shorter sides would do in terms of providing a visual break between the patio and the lawn. That creates enough of a wall effect to define the space set aside for an outdoor dining area or something that feels a bit like an open-air living room. The remaining long side can be decorated with a short border that includes a decorative grass or low plants. Remember to include a gap that serves as the entry from the patio to the yard.

There are plenty of ways to enhance existing Patios in Brookline MA. Click here today and arrange for a contractor to visit the home. It won’t take long to come up with a plan, project the cost, and arrange a start date.

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