Safe and Secure Glass Doors in Philadelphia PA

by | Jan 19, 2017 | Doors and Windows

Glass Doors in Philadelphia PA are welcoming, allow natural light into the building, and add curb appeal. Glass placed into home entry doors for decoration, patio doors, and side entrance doors can easily be broken by intruders, heavy winds, and poorly aimed baseballs. Panels can become loose if the door is slammed, if it is used constantly, or a patio door rattles in the track. That is true of ordinary glass doors purchased in a department or home improvement store. Homeowners who want glass doors that are safe and secure can find the perfect combination in steel doors.

Steel doors are reinforced, provide stronger frames for glass panels, and can support the extra weight of tempered, laminated, security, and thick glass panels. Patio doors with steel frames and tracks are not likely to become loose, get broken into, or break easily. Steel Glass Doors in Philadelphia PA are available in many colors and styles. There are some that resemble natural wood grains, some with multiple panels of glass, and others that are lightweight. Doors can also be custom made if homeowners have a unique design in mind or if a doorway is not a standard size. Pricing is surprisingly affordable for secure and beautiful one-of-a-kind doors. It is not necessary to trade style and looks for security and safety. Homeowners can find more information regarding the variety of doors available, fabrication capabilities, and estimates for installation before making a final decision.

Reinforced glass and steel doors are also available for commercial buildings. Styles can be matched to the exterior decor, the theme of the business, or the preferences of business owners. A street entrance for a specialty coffee shop, for example, can utilize a security glass door to display the business name or feature a colorful cup containing hot coffee. The door will capture attention, draw in passing customers, and make the business stand out from other shops on the street. It will certainly not be missed among ordinary entrances. Creative doors can supplement the advertising budget of the small business. Consider a custom door to refresh the look of an established business or help a new business distinguish itself quickly.

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