Signs it is Time to Invest in New Exterior Doors in South Jersey

by | Feb 1, 2018 | Construction and Maintenance

It is inevitable, at some point or another, a home’s Exterior Doors in South Jersey are going to have to be replaced. The good news is, a homeowner doesn’t have to guess whether or not this replacement is needed, as there are tell-tale signs that indicate it is time. Getting to know what these signs are is the best way to know when this investment needs to be made.

Noticeable Drafts

If a homeowner notices that their door is extremely drafty, then this is a huge indication that it is time to replace it. One of the main reasons that older doors develop drafts is due to the seals around the door shrinking or cracking. The issue with the door may be the reason that home gets so chilly at night or in the winter.

Scraping Door

Another sign it is time for new Exterior Doors in South Jersey is if the door scrapes along the floor when it is closed or opened. Older doors often sag, which can result in them dragging across the door. If this issue continues, the door may wind up damaging the floor. The best way to avoid floor problems is by looking into purchasing a new exterior door.

Loud Hinges

Door replacement may also be made evident by squeaky hinges. The fact is, maintenance is only able to do so much for this type of problem, and in most cases, it will be more affordable to get an all-new door installed. If the hinges on a door have worn out, then it may be a possibility that the door is beginning to wear out, as well. Also, if the hinges are worn on an exterior door, it will be much easier for the door to be forced open by a potential intruder.

Knowing the signs of a problem with an exterior door is the best way to know when it needs to be replaced. Being informed will help keep a home secure and a door working properly. More information about replacing an exterior door can be found by taking the time to browse our website.

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