Knowing Your Chain Link Fence Options

by | Feb 6, 2018 | Construction and Maintenance

Chain link fences are a popular choice when choosing simple fencing for your residence. If you have started to do some research, you may be amazed at the range of options that are out there. All of them are equally great. Which one is right for you and your home? Here are a few tips to follow when choosing the best one.

Metallic Coated Chain Link Fencing

A chain link fence in Chicago can come with a metallic coat. This is a budget friendly option to consider when you want to install one in your yard. The metallic coating lasts a long time. It also resists rusting, which is great considering the constant changes in weather.

Some of the metallic coatings include aluminum and galfan. If you are unsure which coat to go for, ask your fence provider. If you have a family, this type of fence is ideal as you can still see your children and your pets from any angle.

Color Coated Chain Link Fencing

A color coated fence melds into the surrounding environment. If you are concerned about a chain link fence sticking out, you should be aware of this option. The fence can be coated in green, brown, and black. Some fence providers may offer additional colors as well. Make sure you know which hue you prefer.

Just like the metallic coat, the color coated fence is also made to sustain extreme weather and to resist rust. The finish is smooth, so it is great for children who like to play on or around the fencing.

Both types of fences is durable. They can endure rough handling that comes from outdoor play or other activities. They are built to last and can provide you with the security that you desire. Your family and your home are well protected with this fencing option.

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