Signs that Roof Repairs in Nassau County NY are Needed

by | Apr 19, 2016 | Roofing

One of the most common types of roofing materials used by homeowners today is shingles. While these are an affordable and durable roofing option, from time to time, they will require repairs. If a homeowner does not take note that these repairs are needed, they may wind up having to replace the entire structure at some point. Some of the signs that indicate roof repairs in Nassau County NY are needed can be found here.

Clawing or Curling Shingles

Shingles that have begun to claw or curl are a sign that the roof is getting older and that it is being exposed to excessive heat. If affected shingles are not replaced, they will become extremely susceptible to ice damage and wind uplift. The shingles will also become rigid, which means they may break easily or lose the tab edges. This is a definite sign that Roof Repairs in Nassau County NY are necessary.

Shingles with Missing Granules or Complete Bare Spots

If the downspouts are not placed properly, there is no eavestrough or the valley drainage on a second floor is not designed properly, then a waterfall effect may be created that washes the granules away. Physical damage, as well as an older roof system, can also show bare spots. If the protective granules of the shingle are lost, then the shingle will start to get harder, due to exposure to heat. This loss of granules can also accelerate the aging process and the decay of the shingles, becoming an entry point for water.

Shingles that are Missing or Broken

If there are any areas where shingles are missing or broken, it can weaken the ability of the roof system to shed water, which may result in it becoming a point of entry for the water. Some of the most common causes of shingles that are damaged include physical damage and excessive wind.

For those who are concerned about their roof and whether or not repairs are needed, they should take the time to contact us. Don’t ignore an issue with the roof, since it will only get worse as time passes. Taking the time to call on the professionals will help ensure that any roof remains in good shape and that it is able to prevent any serious issues.

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