Window Installation in Naperville IL Brightens Up a Dark House

by | Apr 19, 2016 | Roofing

Some homes have been constructed with a lack of window space as the property owner attempted to cut costs. This can make the home difficult to sell later on, as most people aren’t thrilled about houses that seem dark even on bright sunny days. It may take someone who loves everything else about the place to make the purchase and then start planning for new Window Installation in Naperville IL. This can be a substantial project, but it also will open up the rooms with natural light and make them feel more spacious.

Residential building codes require most rooms to have an exterior window in addition to an interior door for emergency exit purposes. Exceptions are made for bathrooms, as those rooms are not considered living or sleeping space. The previous homeowner would need to have included enough windows to be complaint with code. Nevertheless, being compliant doesn’t mean having enough window space for the home to feel truly comfortable.

Window Installation in Naperville IL might involve replacing some small windows on the front of the house with bow or bay windows, or with multi-panel casement windows. Adding tall and wide windows is an additional possibility. These types of home improvement features make a considerable difference. If the walls have been constructed in a way that would support the addition of windows where none currently exist, installing some there is advantageous. Even small windows, like the ones that are already in place on some walls, are better than none. The homeowners might include some that are a bit uncommon, such as a round or hexagon window or two.

Living rooms, kitchens and dining areas all benefit greatly from natural light. If the house has more than one story, the homeowners might consider adding a window or two along the stairway if that is structurally feasible. Many people never think about this option, but windows in a stairway can brighten up both floors and make the stairway itself feel less enclosed. Consulting with a company such as Business Name about where to have new or bigger windows placed is a good first step.

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