How Residential Paving Services in Kansas City, KS Improve Home Driveways

by | Jun 29, 2018 | Asphalt Contractor

Some of the most charming homes in Kansas City originally included dirt or gravel driveways. These basic surfaces serve their purpose but can be hard to walk on and cause vehicle damage. With that in mind, many homeowners replace original materials with asphalt driveways. Most new driveways are installed by contractors who provide Residential Paving Services in Kansas City KS. Asphalt paved surfaces are usable in a very short time. Good-looking asphalt increases home values, is durable and needs little care to stay beautiful.

Professional Asphalt Paving Is Fast

Companies that provide Residential Paving Services in Kansas City KS typically offer clients a choice of concrete or asphalt driveways. Some businesses also build driveways and paths from pavers. Asphalt is a popular choice because it takes very little time to install and that minimizes customer inconvenience. An average asphalt driveway is paved in about two days. It needs to cure for another two days. In contrast, contractors need a week or more to install and cure concrete.

Paved Surfaces Increase Property Values

Homeowners who want paved surfaces that improve property values often schedule arrange installation via sites like visit website Company websites include a “contact us” option that lets customers schedule estimates. Paved driveways have neat surfaces with smooth black finishes. Asphalt is also sealcoated, which adds to its appearance. Paved driveways increase curb appeal and property values. They are far more likely to attract home buyers than troublesome gravel or dirt alternatives. Asphalt surfaces are also safer for people, pets and vehicles, three things that are important to families.

Asphalt Surfaces Are Easy to Maintain

Clients also have driveways paved to minimize exterior upkeep. Homeowners can sweep driveways to keep them neat and use a hose to wash them. Sealcoating protects surfaces from vehicle and water damage. Even if asphalt develops cracks after a few years, a paving company can reseal it and restore the original finish. Asphalt also gets warm in the sun and melts snow, which eliminates a lot of shoveling.

Homeowners often have dirt and gravel driveways paved with asphalt. Asphalt surfaces are safe and easy to maintain. They are good-looking, durable and increase property values.

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