Do You Know When You Need Garage Door Repair, Here’s How to Tell in Skokie

by | Jun 27, 2018 | Garage Door

If you have had the same one for years, it can be hard to tell when you need garage door repair. Residents of Skokie may have a hard time distinguishing signs of serious damage from the normal wear and tear doors can accumulate over the years. However, failing to have the required repairs completed can lead to an even more expensive problem. It is much cheaper and safer to learn what signs you should look for to determine if your door needs to be repaired.

Mechanical Components Suddenly Change Speeds

Mechanical doors are incredibly convenient until they stop working. One of the first signs that you may soon deal with a mechanical door that no longer opens or closes is a sudden change in speeds. If your door suddenly starts opening a lot faster or slower than normal, there may be something wrong with the motor or the track. Be sure to get this checked out immediately before it results in a stuck door.

The Door Starts to Make Strange Sounds

Both mechanical and non-mechanical doors tend to make strange sounds before they become broken beyond repair. Mechanical doors may make a grinding or screeching sound, whereas non-mechanical ones typically squeak. When you are dealing with non-mechanical doors, you may also notice that they stick when you try to move them, despite there being no obstacle in the tract.

Deep Cracks in the Door

Regardless of the material, deep cracks in your door are a sign that you need repair as soon as possible. Cracks typically start appearing in the corners and around the handle and may indicate that the material is weakening or becoming old.

Homeowners who need garage door repair should not delay. Contact Roberts Garage Door near Skokie at at the first sign of damage. Like us on our facebook page.

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