Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Company for Foundation Repair in Mississippi

by | Feb 29, 2016 | Construction & Maintenance, Foundation

It isn’t easy to choose a company for Concrete Foundation Repair in Mississippi, and consumer protection organizations receive a lot of complaints about fly-by-night contractors. How can a home or business owner find a reliable company that can finish the job under budget and on time? In this article is a list of several questions to ask before hiring a foundation repair contractor.

Are Repairs Necessary?

In some cases, repairs may not be required. All structures adjust and settle over time, and minor cracks in the foundation are quite common. However, if there’s doubt, it’s always best to consult a professional. Some companies will perform unnecessary fixes just for profit’s sake, and property owners should consider getting a second opinion before signing a contract.

Is the Company State-Licensed and Properly Insured?

In most areas, insurance and licensing are required for concrete foundation repair in Mississippi, but some repair firms market their services without calling themselves foundation repair providers. Check with the state licensing board to be certain.

What’s the Scope of the Job?

The property owner should know how the job will be done. Depending on the severity of the damage, foundation repair companies may take multiple approaches. Customers should know in writing:

1. Job cost. Comparison shopping isn’t the goal here. Rather, it’s to avoid hidden fees and unpleasant surprises.

2. Completion time. Most companies have a turnaround time varying from one to five business days depending on the damage and the contractor’s work schedule.

Is a Warranty Available?

Most commercial and residential foundation repairs have a transferable lifetime warranty that covers parts and workmanship. However, every warranty is different, and property owners should carefully read the contract’s fine print to learn about their rights as a customer.

What Type of Experience Does the Company Have?

Experience is critical where foundation repairs are concerned, and customers should not hire a particular company based on price alone. Property owners should visit Website for a knowledgeable team and a company that will be in business long enough to back up their warranty. By carefully considering the answers to the questions above, homeowners can get the repairs they need.

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