Options in Industrial Roofing Services in Dallas

by | Feb 29, 2016 | Roofing

Although commercial roofs are designed to last for many years, they can still develop issues. Problems may arise when roofs are incorrectly installed, designed or maintained. When a business owner needs Industrial Roofing Services Dallas they should click here for four options: coating, repair, recovering or full replacement. The answers to these questions can make the decision process easier.

• How badly is the roof damaged?

• Is it sufficiently insulated?

• Is the business owner in need of a short- or long-term solution?

• Where is the building located?

Below are the four options, along with a few advantages of each.


Some roof issues are relatively minor and easily repairable, and they do not warrant the hassle and expense of roof replacement. Building owners often choose roof repair when the membrane hasn’t met its life expectancy, or when the roof is properly insulated. Repairs with Business Name are less expensive than replacement or recovering, and they can extend a roof’s life.


Not every damaged roof requires replacement. If the rest of the roof is properly installed and structurally sound, recovering is the most effective solution. In most cases, roofs with one membrane can have another added on top. However, roofs can only be recovered once. Many business owners choose to recover when the roof is insulated but the membrane is at the end of its life, or when it has not previously been recovered. Recovering a roof is cheaper than full replacement, and there’s less risk of exposing the inside of the building to the elements.


Some roofs aren’t good candidates for recovering, especially if they have extensive damage. If the roof has been recovered once already, it must be replaced. Business owners opt to replace roofs where damage is extensive, or the insulation is substandard. A replacement roof provides a long-term solution and access to the latest roofing technology.


Some commercial roofs may be coated for extended life. Roofs are coated for extra leak protection, or to reflect harmful UV rays away from the building for energy savings. A coated roof is aesthetically pleasing, less disruptive than a replacement, and it’s typically cheaper than other Industrial Roofing Services Dallas.

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