Increase in the Use of Trespa Solid Surface on Lab Tables

by | Mar 27, 2018 | Construction and Maintenance

Described as the optimal choice for a durable and safe lab, research, and educational settings, Trespa countertops are not just a single line of materials or products. Instead, they are a patented surface available in several styles. According to the manufacturer, the product lines “combine basic requirements” in lab settings and can be a blend of highly resistant, durable and flexible materials. They are also meant to be esthetically appealing as people must work in the lab settings for extended periods and should be surrounded by pleasing work surfaces.

There is a Toplab Plus line that is designed with the highest chemical resistance. It is antibacterial and resistant to even the most aggressive chemicals and spills.

There is also the Toplab Vertical line that is designed specifically to serve as a surface on fume hoods and other vertically installed fixtures. This line of Trespa countertops is also resistant to chemicals and antibacterial in nature and can be used for cabinetry and pegboards in addition to cladding and work surfaces.

Lastly, there is the Toplab Base, which is their heaviest duty surface of Trespa countertops. It is actually formed into panels where it can be used as work surfaces, countertops and more. It is scratch and wear resistance, but is not chemical resistant as it is meant more for vertical installation.

As you can see, there are many reasons for any sort of lab, education or research facility to consider the use of Trespa countertops and claddings. They are all very low in maintenance, remain incredibly clean and contaminant free, and are resistant to wear and staining as well as the countertops being ultra resistant to even the harshest agents. They can be designed in almost any style or configuration and come in an array of sizes and thicknesses. They have a full, ten-year guarantee and undergo rigorous testing and certification.

Are you eager to discover if Trespa is the right material for your lab redesign or for installation in your new research facility? If so, contact the experts at AGR Fabricators, Inc. They are experts in the entire Trespa line and can help you decide which of the products are the ideal fit for your needs. Whether it is the Toplab plus panels or the lab base, you will end up with a good-looking, long lasting and entirely customized installation that can outperform other, traditional materials.

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