Helpful Hints When Seeking Hand Dryers

by | Apr 2, 2018 | Construction and Maintenance

For companies and individuals looking for hand dryers, the range of models can be quite extensive, with many manufacturers offering a range of voltage, noise levels, and accessories within each line. There are a few topics customers should keep in mind when doing their research.

Customization is Key

The right dryer depends on the customer’s requirements, budget, and special needs. Models with no-heat options can be an economical answer to small businesses since they often feature energy-saver settings. These may also satisfy customers seeking an Eco-friendly product that does not consume excess electricity. Installation and placement can also be fully customizable. If space is an issue, there may be compact, space-saving designs available that will not dominate small areas. At the other end of the price spectrum, higher-end models may feature cycles with silent or reduced-noise settings. Finishes in chrome or stainless steel are also offered. It’s also possible to customize time cycles or incorporate lights to indicate when the dryer is in motion.

Wide Range of Applications

While it’s understood that the majority of hand dryers are used in bathroom settings, the reality is that these dryers can be used in many other places. In fast-food settings, having one readily available is an efficient and hygienic tool. In cafeterias or restaurants, they form an integral part of the sanitation process. They can also be useful in businesses that provide personal services such as hair or nail salons.

In the past few years, there has been a tendency towards patriotism across a large segment of American consumers; this extends to the manufacturing process. To respond to this growing movement, many companies now feature products that are assembled within the U.S.
No matter the model, customers can be sure of a high-quality product that meets their specifications.

Process Improvement

With an eye towards being industry leaders, manufacturers of hand dryers are constantly seeking ways to improve the efficiency and design of their products. These companies often seek the advice and expertise of architects, designers, and engineers and incorporate these findings into their newer models. Naturally, their customers often form an important part of this feedback process, with manufacturers being very receptive and responsive to user experiences.

Many companies may offer the option of one-on-one visits by salespersons, who demonstrate select models for comparison and detail the benefits of each. No matter their preference, customers are sure to find one that fits their individual needs and uses. For more information, visit

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