Capabilities of Fabrication Companies in St. Paul MN

by | Jul 6, 2016 | Metal Fabrications

Metal Fabrication Companies St. Paul MN vary in terms of sizes and scopes of projects, materials used, and other services provided. Some, for example, focus on mass production projects. Fabrication is customized to suit customer needs, and many pieces or parts are made in each order. That allows those companies to offer low pricing based on economies of scale. Manufacturing plants that rely on small components can outsource some, and make other in-house, to reduce production costs.

Other companies, such as Aerofab Inc, for example, will complete large projects, and will also offer single or small order fabrications to customers. That allows customers to create prototypes of machinery or inventions; order signage for businesses; or have interior and exterior architectural designs completed to specifications. Fences and gates, sculptures, unique wall hangings, or even planters can be made as one-of-kind features for a home, yard, or business entrance. Competitive rates and personal customer service make unique touches possible, and cost-effective.

The variety of materials used at companies differs. Stainless steel is used to fabricate many objects, machinery, and parts, because of its strength and aesthetic properties. Some companies deal primarily in stainless steel and offer different grades of the material. Others will utilize other metals, such as mild steel, aluminum, exotic metals, and various alloys, as well to offer a wide range of possibilities. Welding, finishing, services, light assembly, and the assistance of computer aided design (CAD) professionals are among some services provided by experienced fabrication companies in St. Paul, MN. Those services are helpful for flat layouts, customizing component parts, finalizing invention designs, and creating innovative signs. It is also helpful when customizing food and beverage processing equipment. If a manufacturer wants to expand products to offer larger sized packaging, for example, using a computer to help with configurations for bagging chute sizing will save the business time and money.

Knowing the capacities of the fabrication company, the equipment available, the range of materials used, and accompanying services offered, will help customers find the right company to suit their needs, designs, and budgets. Discuss current needs and future goals of metal fabrication projects with the company before selecting one with which to do business. That will save time long-term, as well as the hassle of having to find a new company if needs cannot be met.

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