3 Advantages of Tar Chip Installation for Residential Driveways

by | Jul 15, 2016 | Asphalt Contractor

Tar Chip Installation is a type of paving that many people are unfamiliar with or don’t realize they have encountered. The workers place a thin layer of tar on the surface and add aggregate, most of which becomes adhered to the tar as the substance dries. This type of paving is relatively common on rural roads that don’t get much traffic. On residential driveways, the aggregate usually consists of certain types of stone or pea gravel that the property owner chooses. The homeowners may like the look of blue-hued pea gravel or red stone, for instance, or they may prefer a standard gray. There are a few distinct advantages to this paving option.


People often choose Tar Chip Installation for the low cost compared with asphalt or concrete paving. Asphalt is generally cheaper than concrete, which is a primary reason asphalt is a more common choice for long rural driveways. A combination of tar and stone could cost half as much as asphalt, depending on market prices.

Low Maintenance

Compared with asphalt, a tar chip driveway should not need any regular maintenance. It won’t need to be sealed, and as a rule, it shouldn’t develop cracks or potholes that must be filled to prevent them from getting worse. If any cracks do occur, they will typically be hidden by the stone or gravel and will not expand.

Some rural homeowners choose a simple gravel or stone paving option and have the material placed over the dirt driveway. This requires more maintenance because some of the top material can be washed into the yard by rainwater or tossed up by vehicles. It must be raked back where it belongs. With tar and chip, there is very little loose material unless the property owner has asked for a thicker layer of aggregate.


This kind of driveway, as installed by a company such as Teague’s Asphalt, has a more rustic look than asphalt or concrete conveys. With the various options for colors, homeowners can have the driveway function as part of the landscaping design. It can blend with the scenery, or it can stand out in contrast.

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