Why Choose Chimney Repair in Nassau County NY

by | Feb 1, 2019 | Chimney Sweep

Do you frequently (or rarely) use your fireplace? Most people in Nassau County NY either love it or hate it, but many people do use it occasionally because it is there. However, getting a chimney sweep is essential if you haven’t used it for an extended period or if you use it all the time. Creosote and other build-up can cause significant problems, such as fire, damage to the property, and carbon monoxide poisoning. While you may not believe that sweeps can be valuable, they ensure that your home’s value doesn’t go down or go to nil because of a fire or other issue.

Pro-Tech Chimney offers chimney inspections, as well as cleanings and repairs. If you haven’t used the fireplace for the summer, you may want to get it inspected before you use it during the winter months. Along with such, you may want to get it inspected once during the winter if you use it frequently. They can help you decide how often you need an inspection or cleaning. They can also tell you if anything is wrong with the fireplace or chimney. If you do need repairs, they offer a FREE estimate, which ensures that you can find out how much it costs before having any work done.

Chimney cleaning isn’t just for people who use their chimneys often. You may find that if you don’t use the fireplace, the chimney becomes home to birds and other pests. Professionals can remove these issues to prevent problems in the future, especially if you decide you want to use the fireplace. It also ensures that you avoid some of the chemicals that build up when you enjoy a nice night by the fire. That gets cleaned away, which prevents sparks from causing a chimney fire, ensuring that you and your family are safer while enjoying the smells and warmth of a fire.

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