Why Are Experienced Professionals Needed for Lift Station Repairs?

by | Sep 12, 2016 | Septic System Service

Experienced professionals are needed for a Lift Station Repair because it is a complicated piece of machinery. There are many elements, such as pipes, screens, motors, and valves, that proper installation and repairs are crucial for optimum operation. A lift station is used in residential and commercial settings when wastewater will not empty into a gravity drain.

The main reason is that the water is in lower areas than any drain systems. An example is a bathroom in the basement of a home. The wastewater has to be lifted and directed via pipes to the drainage system. It is necessary to have professionals design and install a lift station prior to many renovation projects, depending on what is being renovated. Renovating a second story bathroom to include a shower will not need a lift station, but a hot tub on a back porch may require one.

Lift Station Repair gets more complicated in commercial settings. The size and capacity of the station can be very large to accommodate the needs. In industrial settings, it is not unusual to have more than one lift station on the property. Inspections and regular maintenance of lift stations can help owners avoid major repairs. Waiting until a problem arises will result in wasted time and money. Repair costs will be higher, and a longer period of disruption may result.

A motor that is not operating properly, for example, can cause the system to backup or fail to remove waste water. That can lead to unhealthy conditions inside the building and costly repairs. Inspections and maintenance can allow professionals to make minor repairs and avoid major ones. A system that is operating inefficiently will also result in higher utility costs. The electric bill and the water bill will increase if the motor is struggling, or pipes are leaking.

Experienced professionals will have the skills needed to diagnose an issue quickly and fix it correctly. That will decrease disruption to a household or a business and prevent any major problems. Those with a lift station can go to website domain to learn about installations, repairs, and maintenance for lift stations as well as traditional and aerobic septic systems.

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