When You Need Emergency Roof Repair in Menasha

by | May 20, 2019 | Roofing

If a homeowner notices there is water dripping somewhere in the home or is seeing brown stains on the ceiling, it is time to have the roof looked at. It is time to get the roof looked at immediately, as any issues outstanding with the roof will compromise the integrity of the home and lead to roofing emergencies. A roofing contractor that provides roof repair in Menasha wants potential customers to know what to look for in the event a roofing emergency occurs. Here is a look at some of these emergencies.

Roofing Emergencies that Homeowners Commonly Experience

The most obvious roofing emergency is when a major storm passes through the area and rips the roofing material off the structure. This is something that will have to be addressed immediately, as the home is completely exposed to the elements. There are other issues that might not seem like emergencies but are dangerous, such as hail damage and mold. The hail damage can penetrate points in the roof and will cause water to leak in the home, while mold will be dangerous to the health of the homeowner and anyone else who lives in the house.

More Roofing Emergencies

If a roof is not maintained properly or at least inspected once or twice a year by a roofing professional, the homeowner may be in for a sudden emergency problem with leaks or issues around the flashing. While roofing contractors are on hand for roofing emergencies and repair, it is best if the homeowner has a roofing contractor to provide preventive maintenance to avoid the emergencies altogether. This will be less costly than having to deal with an emergency repair.

A Roofing Contractor in Wisconsin

There are many roofing contractors available for customers who find themselves in need of roofing repairs or replacements in Wisconsin. Motto & Sons Construction is a roofing contractor in the Menasha area that provides services for residential and commercial customers when needed. If a customer experiences a need for any roof repair in Menasha, the contractor is available. Schedule an appointment by visiting the website or contacting the company’s office.

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