When Decorating Your Lobby, Don’t Forget the Elevator Interiors Design

by | Feb 12, 2019 | Contractors

When people ride up or down an elevator, it may seem as though they spend a good deal looking up at the ascending or descending numbers. However, they also notice an elevator’s design when the door opens. While designers may like boosting the looks of a corporate suite or penthouse, a lot more people will see the inside of an elevator. Companies such as Florida Elevator make this distinction.

That is why any elevator interiors design effort makes a big difference. People such as residents, business people, visitors, and delivery people use elevators daily. An elevator’s design becomes an integral part of a building’s décor and sends a clear and unmistakable message about a building’s popularity.

If you overlook elevator interiors design implementation, you can run into issues with respect to code compliance. For instance, the American Disabilities Act, or ADA, promotes standards that should be incorporated into the interior of an elevator. These standards include making elevators easy for disabled people to enter and navigate. Not only is the décor considered but so are the placement of buttons and the width of the elevator’s doors.

When you redecorate an elevator’s interior, it gives you the chance to try out innovative elevator interiors design products. These products may include cutting-edge materials such as elegant yet durable glass or new fabrics that seem to breathe sophistication into the interior. This just goes to prove that an elevator does not have to be defined by a sleepy design or ho-hum elevator music.

Today, elevator decors represent code-compliant designs and sleek, sophisticated looks. A beautiful elevator décor invites its guests to explore every floor. You can also include easy-to-add logos and graphics in an elevator designed for professional environments.

When you outsource the design work, you can be assured that you will meet code regulations and upgrade your elevator’s looks. Don’t make your elevator’s décor an afterthought. Given its use, an elevator should be designed to be operationally proficient and aesthetically pleasing. You can pay a visit to Facebook page for more information.

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