What to Expect After Installing a Copper Ceiling in Long Island, NY

by | Aug 16, 2016 | Construction and Maintenance

Part of the fun of purchasing an older home is making changes that ensure the house truly reflects the taste of the owner. One of the ways to make sure that taste shines through is to consider installing a Copper Ceiling Long Island NY in one or more of the common rooms. Here is what the owner can expect once the job is done.

Adding Warmth to the Space

One of the first things that the owner will notice is how many character the Copper Ceiling Long Island NY adds to the room. The patina of the metal will add another texture to space and also pull together the other elements in the room. Even if the room is larger, the copper helps to add warmth to space that makes people want to come in, settle into a chair, and stay awhile.

The Visual Interest

A Copper Ceiling Long Island NY can be somewhat plain with only a few embellishments. That works well when the owner is going for a more contemporary variation on a classic look. There’s also the option of using an intricate pattern for the copper tiles or panels. With either approach, the owner has introduced another texture to the room. That will help to add something else that people will notice as they spend more time in the space.

The Easy Upkeep

Copper ceilings do not require a lot of maintenance. In fact, cleaning is something that will take very little time. Choosing to have the tiles coated so they resist any damage from roof leaks or condensation from the air vents running over the ceiling will ensure the ceiling will not show signs of age or corrosion over time. Since it will never need painting, the process of keeping the home in good shape is simpler all the way around.

If the idea of installing a copper ceiling is interesting, Visit Abingdon Construction today and take a look at some of the styles they have on hand. Talk with a professional about what it takes to replace older tiles with the newer copper ones. After learning more about the process and the benefits that will follow, there’s good chance the homeowner will want to get started as soon as possible.

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