What Is Thatch And How Do I Get Rid Of It?

by | May 28, 2019 | Lawn Care Service

Thatch destroys a lush green carpet of grass. Thatch is a dead tissue preventing water and nutrients from reaching the grass. Eco-lawn care of dethatching is the process of removal, returning the water and nutrients to the grass roots. If environmentally friendly lawn care matters to homeowners, then dethatching their lawn is important.

Two Methods Of Dethatching

If thatch growth isn’t too bad, then homeowners will use a rake for environmentally responsible lawn care. Raking up the thatch removes it from the lawn. If homeowners don’t have a rake, then a power rake is available for rent at hardware stores. Push the rake deep into the ground, and pull up the thatch, disposing of it so it doesn’t grow back.

Eco-lawn care includes the second method, aeration of the soil. This should be done when the thatch is too widespread to rake up. Badly compacted soil also prevents water and nutrients from reaching the grass roots. Thatch grows easily in these conditions. Using a lawn service is how homeowners handle the situation, but they can buy or rent a core aerator themselves to loosen the soil.

In What Season To Dethatch

Eco-lawn care residential recommends cool season grasses be planted in spring, with warm-season grasses being planted in fall. Which homeowners plant will determine when they should dethatch. Either should be done early in the season so that the grass will thrive.


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