Using A Service Specializing in Residential Water Damage Restoration in Pittsburgh PA

by | Jan 11, 2016 | Construction & Maintenance

When a basement becomes flooded, steps need to be taken in an attempt to salvage the structure from excessive damage. The longer water sits in a basement, the more chance of deterioration there will be to walls, floors, and personal property.

The water will need to be effectively removed before a cleaning process can be administered. A company dealing with Residential Water Damage Restoration in Pittsburgh PA will be able to handle all aspects in water removal and clean up after a flood occurs.

If someone needs to wait for service due to a shortage in companies available to get to a home right away, they will need to start the clean-up process on their own to try to salvage the home. Buckets can be used to remove water. Protective clothing should be worn by everyone helping with this process. Someone should remove any furniture that may be able to be saved. This can be placed outdoors, upside-down, to help dry the piece out before it is cleansed.

If there is an electrical source nearby, the water can be redirected outdoors with the use of a water pump. This is a lot quicker than the bucket method. Make sure the water is directed to a level lower than the foundation so it does not make its way back into the home.

After the water is removed, the basement will need to be dried in its entirety. This is first done by sopping up any leftover moisture with towels. Oscillating fans can be used to speed up the drying process. The windows and doors can be left open to aid in drying as well.

Wet drywall and carpeting should be removed and replaced. These can harbor mold and mildew if left in place. Any area touched by water should be cleaned with a bleach solution to help kill any mold spores that may be present.

If someone needs to get a hold of a service specializing in residential water damage restoration in Pittsburgh PA, they can call a professional to ask questions. Metro Restoration is one such service that can be called. An appointment can be made for an evaluation and the service would get to work right away in salvaging the basement from excessive repair work.

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