Three Essential Aspects of Vinyl Pool Maintenance in Suffolk County NY

by | Jun 23, 2016 | Swimming Pool

The lifespan of your pool liner depends heavily on the amount of care and regular maintenance it receives. Much Vinyl Pool Maintenance in Suffolk County NY requires the assistance of a specialist, but there are steps that you can take to maintain water quality and avoid the need for repair or replacement.

     *     Water Chemistry

Keeping the chemicals in your pool at their appropriate levels is essential to preserving your pool as well as the health of those swimming in it. Regular testing of chlorine and pH levels will ensure that the water in your pool is safe for swimming and is not damaging the liner. These levels change depending on the amount of sunlight hitting the water, and the entrance of dirt and other debris into the environment. Test your pool’s chlorine level every day when it is in use, and add chemicals one at a time to avoid unwanted chemical reactions. Never put the chlorine tablets directly into the skimmer basket, as this may cause a high concentration of the chemical around the drain and result in liner damage.

     *     Cleaning and Maintenance

Be sure to clear off any dirt or grime that forms around the water line. All you need to do is wipe it away with a rag or a sponge regularly to prevent buildup. If you’re having trouble managing grime around the water line, your vinyl liner might benefit from a vinyl protective liquid. Regular vacuuming of the pool bottom is essential in preventing dirt and other debris from building up and damaging the liner as well. Most pool owners find it easier to relegate this task to a professional.

     *     Liner Repair

Should tears or cuts appear in your vinyl liner, repairing them immediately may prevent the need for replacement. Adhesive products are available that are designed to be applied either underwater or in open air. However you should not drain your pool, as maintaining water pressure is essential to protecting your liner. If in doubt, call in a pro.

You can learn more about vinyl pool maintenance in Suffolk County NY or find a qualified professional to answer questions and provide needed services. Browse our website to find a pool technician near you.

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