Three Electrical Issues Requiring The Services Of An Electrician In Westfield, IN

by | May 4, 2017 | Electrician

Individuals who suspect they need electrical repairs around their house should definitely contact an experienced electrician as soon as possible. Electrical issues in the home can turn out to be dangerous, and people who are inexperienced in electrical work shouldn’t try to do the job themselves. Read the information below to learn three electrical issues in the home that should be immediately repaired by a professional electrician in Westfield, IN.

A Burning Odor Around Electrical Outlets

When the wires in an electrical outlet become worn, break, or become damaged, they may begin to burn. When this occurs, individuals will often be able to detect a burning odor when they walk by the outlet. Since the electrical wires have been burned, the outlet is no longer functioning properly, and individuals should not plug any type of electrical device into the outlet until it’s repaired by a certified professional.

Lights That Continually Flicker

When individuals turn lights on in the house, and they constantly flash off and on, this is usually the result of a short in the electrical wiring system. It’s often possible for a short to spark and cause an electrical fire in the home. Individuals who have flickering lights should not turn on that specific light until a professional has a chance to examine the wiring system in the home and make any necessary repairs. The electrician may also want to inspect all the wiring in the home to make sure the entire electrical system is safe.

Charred Electrical Outlets

Just like electrical outlets that emit a burning odor, a charred cover also means the electrical wires in the outlet have been burning. This can definitely lead to a house fire if an experienced electrician isn’t contacted right away. Individuals should never use an electrical outlet that is charred or burned. The best possible solution is to turn off the circuit breaker that leads to the specific outlet until an experienced electrician in Westfield, IN can make the needed repairs.

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