The Advantages of Portable Standard Toilets in Houston TX for a Big Afternoon House Party

by | Feb 1, 2016 | Construction & Maintenance

At first glance, it may seem a bit extravagant to rent Portable Standard Toilets in Houston TX for a big afternoon house party. If the house has two or three bathrooms, that should be enough, right? Not necessarily. Big parties often involve eating meals and snacking on food much of the day, as well as drinking beer and other alcohol beverages and soft drinks. Three bathrooms to accommodate 30 or 40 guests may simply not be adequate for everyone’s comfort.

If your plans involve the guests hanging around outdoors much of the time, renting Portable Standard Toilets in Houston TX prevents the hassle of a bunch of people traipsing in and out of the house all day long. This is a particular concern if there will be some guests you don’t know well, such as friends of people you invited.

Those restroom rentals also ease the burden on the plumbing system. This isn’t a concern for all homeowners, but houses that occasionally develop a sewer backup may have trouble managing all the extra activity. One of the last things anybody wants while having a party is plumbing problems, particularly disgusting ones.

With plenty of portable restrooms available in addition to the bathrooms in the house, guests will feel more comfortable about not having to hurry. They’ll know there isn’t a big line of people waiting to use the facility.

A separate hand washing station also can be reserved with the toilets. Many people are a little squeamish about not washing their hands after using the facility, which may send them into the house to do this if there’s no outdoor washing area available. That defeats the purpose of avoiding lots of guests going in and out of the house.

While organizing the event, if you decide you might want a portable restroom that’s a bit more upscale, you can rent one of those from a company such as Pot-O-Gold Waste Services in addition to a few standard models. These have the advantage of including flush toilets, sinks for hand washing, and even air conditioning. Contact us for information on the various restroom models available for rent.

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