The 3 Places to Diagnose a Roof Leak Repair in Frederick, MD For Homeowners Without an Attic

by | Feb 22, 2016 | Roofing

The easiest way to find a roof leak is to look at the attic. There are clear signs, such as wood that is soft or highly textured with water damage. These signs are hard to miss, especially since the attic is usually pretty easy to get into and look around. It is pressing right up against the roof.

But, what about homeowners who do not have an attic? What is there strategy for seeking a roof leak and confirming suspicions? Homeowners will need to look at smaller and more discreet areas around their roof to isolate the possibility of a leak. There are usually three main areas water damage can be detected.

Shingles. The shingles will often be the first place and, at the least, the easiest place to spot leak evidence for a Roof Leak Repair in Frederick MD. It is essential to review the shingles after it has been completely rain-free for a few days. Some dampness will often accumulate around the shingles and sit in the space there. The shingles that are the dampest are likely holding and drawing water through the home.

Gaskets and Pipes. The pipes can be a common place to find evidence for a leak. The gutters and downspouts are also problematic, so homeowners can look around the space to find an accumulation of water or rust.

Boots. Boots, in this context, are a lot different than the boots used to cover feet. Boots are rubber seals that are used around vent pipes and air vents. The boots can get loose or deteriorate, which would draw water to other areas and likely into the home. Any looseness or obvious damage to the boots could indicate a leak.

In reality, a roof repair company can use their special tools and skills to find out where the leak is located and confirm if there is one in the first place. But, it can be nice for a homeowner to know before they make a call to a Roof Leak Repair in Frederick MD, company. Some homeowners want to take the initiative and have some idea of where a problem many exist. By using the above strategies, they can. Click Here to fix that leak before the spring season comes on strong.

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