Taking Care Of Stained Concrete In Fort Myers FL

by | Jun 7, 2024 | Concrete Contractor

Of the many flooring choices available in the market today, concrete floors are becoming increasingly popular. Durable and versatile, stained concrete in Fort Myers FL is especially attractive to many homeowners who appreciate its cost effective characteristics and unique look. Because of its different composition, maintaining a stained concrete floor is a little different than caring for other kinds of flooring. If you have a stained concrete floor, then there are a few simple things you can do to keep your floor looking great for longer.

When taking care of stained concrete in Fort Myers FL, it can first be helpful to understand a bit about how the stain works. Because the concrete is stained and not painted, the color pigments actually soak into the concrete rather than resting on the surface of it. Chemical reactions between the stain and the concrete allow the colors to sink into the floor, permanently changing the color of the concrete. Stained concrete can be especially beautiful because the stain may not always soak in uniformly, giving the floor a weathered or Old World look, which can create the illusion of depth and texture.

This soaking in effect of the stain means that the color will not peel away. Rather, the color fades only as the stained concrete is worn away—most likely to be noticeable only in high traffic areas. After the stain is set, many contractors will then apply either a sealant or a wax coating to help protect the floor. Stained floors exposed to the elements usually benefit from two coats of sealant. Indoor floors, which tend to be much more protected, are usually fine with one application of sealant and one application of wax. To keep your stained concrete looking its very best, many contractors will recommend that you periodically reseal or wax the floor.

Day to day maintenance of stained concrete in Fort Myers FL is usually simple: sweeping up excess dirt and dust helps to keep the floor looking new. When more thorough cleaning is in order, mopping with warm water and mild soap will also benefit stained concrete. Beware, however, of heavy duty cleaners, as they may have a corrosive effect on the sealant or wax coating and may cause your floor to look dull. Also be careful to clean up spills right away. For more details, visit Christian Hernandez Concrete, Inc.

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