Stormwater Product Liners In Sydney: Benefits

by | Jul 16, 2019 | Concrete Contractor

Regardless of where you live or work, you’re sure to deal with drought and other issues. If you work on a farm, it’s imperative that you always have plenty of water for your crops. Many times, you can also collect water, treat it, and use it for bathing and other necessities. Depending on what you use it for and how you store it, you may need stormwater product liners in Sydney. These items are designed to keep the water protected and ensure that it doesn’t seep through the container, usually one made of concrete.

Stormwater product liners in Sydney can be used for a variety of retention systems, including ponds and water tanks. Water gets filtered into the retention pond through many channels and drains. Many times, plants and other landscaping are used to prevent runoff and keep the place looking good. These liners can also be used on water tanks, which can collect and store the water runoff from your roof so that you can use it later. You may experience less evaporation because there is no soil such as there would be around a retention pond. It’s also important to consider using erosion control matting to help you reduce your risk of erosion and prevent runoff into the waterway.

Infrastructure Technologies Australia knows how essential it is to have stormwater product liners in Sydney. Whether you’ve got a retention pond, underground storage tank, or want to line the waterway so that water can rush through the channel and on its way, you will find that Aqualiner is a suitable product. It creates a waterproof concrete lining because of its polymer-cementitious coating that bonds to nonwoven and woven fabrics. Depending on the type of liquid running through the channels, you can also choose Sewer Tough, which can fix degraded infrastructure from sewage and biogenic sulfur attacks.

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