Some Details About the Replacement of Roofing in Franklin

by | Apr 8, 2019 | Roofing

Replacement of roofing in Franklin typically is the biggest project homeowners will ever schedule, and it may be the most expensive one as well. There’s a lot of work involved, especially if the house has two layers of shingles that must be torn off before new ones can be placed. Some homeowners choose to have a second layer added in an effort to save money, but three would be too heavy for nearly all standard houses.

Removal of Shingles

That’s how the project begins, after the dumpster has been delivered that will catch all the old roofing material. The workers climb up to the top of the house and start removing the shingles, dropping them down into the container.

Roof Deck Inspection

Once that part of the project is complete, the roofers from an organization such as the H.E. Parmer Company can inspect the wood decking and determine whether any of it should be replaced. Sometimes that is the case if there is water damage from a leaky roof. This work must be done before adding shingles can begin.

Replacing Shingles

Soon afterward, a flatbed truck arrives with the packs of new shingles for roofing in Franklin. Crane equipment attached to the truck allows the driver to transport the shingles to the top of the house. Depending on the shingle delivery service chosen by the contractor, the packs may be placed around the home in the yard. The workers then must carry the packs up ladders. Then it’s time to get started on putting a new roof on the structure.

Concluding Thoughts

With all of these tasks to be completed, it becomes clear why trying to tackle roofing as a do-it-yourself project is inadvisable for nearly all homeowners. Most men and women don’t have the experience or skills needed to do this job effectively and without risk of installation errors. They certainly don’t want to be admiring their new roof one day and then find rainwater dripping from the ceiling a week later. In addition, safety issues must be considered as well. To read about one particular roofing contractor, homeowners may head over to us.

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