Selecting Products for Window Installation in Downers Grove IL

by | Apr 1, 2016 | Window Installation Service

There are two basic types of windows for residential buildings. Wood windows are more suited to initial window installation in Downers Grove IL than they are to replacement window projects and remodels. The reason is that the space has to accommodate the windows, rather than the windows fitting the space. Wood windows often require extra work, such as dry walling an area, creating new trim, and painting or staining the wood. This is easier when the home is first being built. Experienced contractors will work with architects and designers to measure window spacing, coordinate installation, and make sure the space fits the windows.

Wood windows are more expensive that vinyl windows, so replacement can be costly. The purchase of the windows, combined with the added work, can add up quickly, making window replacement out of financial reach for many homeowners. This type of window also requires a lot of maintenance. The wood has to be repainted or stained every few years, and cleaning can be time-consuming. The advantage of wood windows is the added features that are included by some manufacturers. Triple glazing, mini blinds or shades built-in between the panes of glass, and a multitude of variations provide wood windows with an up-scale and desirable look.

The other type of windows is vinyl windows. These are more cost-effective than wood, and are custom-made so they fit any space. That makes them an easy choice for replacements and for Window Installation in Downers Grove IL. They are low maintenance because they never have to be repainted, and they tilt-in for easy cleaning. Different grades are available, so it is important to compare quality when selecting vinyl windows. Windows of higher quality will be more energy-efficient, last longer, and come with a better warranty than poor quality options.

Whichever type of window is chosen, finding an experienced contractor to place windows in the house is important. Any mistakes in putting in windows can result in major damage before a problem is noticed or suspected. Leaks, for example, can weaken the substructure of the house, or cause siding to bow and crack without detection. By the time an issue is discovered, repairs and replacements can cost a lot of time and money. Homeowners can get more information regarding windows from contractors who have been in business for decades.

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