Security Doors In Canberra: Benefits

by | Jun 12, 2019 | Screen Store

Have you often wondered how safe your house is while you’re gone (or inside it)? Many homeowners do worry about the security of their homes and often do strange things to protect it. You may have seen homes that look like prisons with bars on the windows and doors, but that looks unsightly and often adds more attention to your home and makes would-be thieves wonder if you have something worth the extra effort.

Security doors in Canberra can look like any other screen door, which means thieves aren’t likely to expect you have valuables. They may try to break in, but they soon realise that it isn’t going to be easy and may look for easier pickings.

Security doors in Canberra prevent easy access, which is what most burglars want. They desire the easy target because they can get in and out quickly without anyone noticing. While the door looks like any other, thieves quickly realise that they are more durable and can’t be cut or kicked, so they go elsewhere. Of course, you can add more security to the home by adding cameras and other high-tech features, which could help local law enforcement find the person who tried to break in. However, the point of the door is that you do not have to use other methods of security if you choose not to or don’t have the budget.

CommandeX offers many products to help you feel safer at home. Security doors in Canberra come in two varieties: SecureView and Xceed. Both offer an attractive style, the ability to put in a pet door, and keep insects and thieves out of the house. However, SecureView is made of marine-grade stainless steel while Xceed is made of structural-grade aluminium. Both have passed a variety of tests, such as the pull test, aluminium frame test, and knife shear test, as well.

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