Roof Repair Ponte Vedra

by | Jan 21, 2020 | Roofing

It is easy to pinpoint when things require a replacement. Carpet, vehicle, clothes, but when it comes to a home’s roof, it is not always obvious. It is about more than extensive damage; it is often about damage control.

Rising Energy Prices

Energy bills fluctuate with the seasons. The roof is the insulator and protector for changing seasons. However, if air conditioning units or heaters are working double-time to maintain a comfortable temperature, a roof inspection, and possible repair is necessary to lower costs.

Curb Appeal

The outside aesthetic of a home adds the value of a home and neighborhood. If loose shingles, worn portions, or general disrepair can is visible from the street, renovations are part of overall curb appeal.


It is easy to procrastinate when one or two shingles look worn. However, it is a situation that quickly escalates. After a close look-see, any shingles that appear broken, bent, curled, stained, or entirely missing requires replacement.


Deteriorating shingles leave what looks like sand. It shows up in gutters, landscaping, and the yard. When first noticing dark granules, it is time to plan roof repair Ponte Vedra.


Peeling, staining, and bubbling pain is a sign of the deterioration of exterior paint. It causes a leaky roof that results in indoor wall staining.

Free Evaluation

Roof repair Ponte Vedra is a part of homeownership. A roof is a structure everyone relies on to protect them from the elements. From replacing shingles to tracking down leaks, if a replacement or repair is in question, contact HW Contracting LLC for a free evaluation today.

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