Replacing Pool Filters in Front Royal, VA

by | Jun 20, 2017 | Swimming Pool

Summer is pool season, and many people open their pools only to see that the filter may need to be replaced. Pool Filters Front Royal VA are a crucial step in keeping a pool functional and clean, but many owners don’t know just when to replace these important components. In some cases, a simple cleaning may be the best option. Below are several tips for knowing how and when to replace or clean a pool filter.

Cleaning the Cartridges

Filters should be cleaned twice per year or when the pressure gauge increases by roughly eight PSI. Initially, a pool technician can simply remove chunks of debris and dirt. Following that, the filter can be soaked in a special solution to clear any residual oils.

Cartridge Replacement

Most cartridge filters should be replaced on a three- to five-year schedule. Experienced homeowners can usually tell if Pool Filters Front Royal VA need replacement if they need more frequent cleaning. If the pressure gauge goes up by eight PSI more than twice per year, the filter should be replaced. Water that stays green or cloudy may also indicate a need for filter replacement. A pool tech can check the filters for physical damage, as it is a clear indication that it’s time to replace them.

Sand Filter Replacement

Many whose pools have sand filters have heard they never need replacement. While these Pool Filters Front Royal VA do last a long time (approximately seven years), they will eventually wear out. Over time, sand filters can lose their sharp edges, which makes them less effective at catching dirt and debris.

Call a Professional for Pool Filter Replacement

Whether a VA homeowner needs a filter replacement or a new pool, the team at Al Shirley & Son Inc in Front Royal VA is here to help. They will walk customers through every step of the process while ensuring that the spa or pool meets the family’s needs and budget. To learn more about the company’s services, visit the website or call today. With help from a local pool care company, homeowners can enjoy a clear, clean, and refreshing pool all summer long.

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