Question: Is a Trash Can Enough to Keep Out Bears? Answer: Absolutely Not

by | Apr 18, 2023 | Bear Box Manufacturer

Say it’s late on a weekend night and you’re asleep inside your home after a day spent grilling for family and friends. Next thing you know, you hear a loud noise coming from the area of your property where you keep your trash.

You don’t have to venture outside to already know what’s causing the commotion: it’s a thief, only this burglar weighs 500-plus pounds and is digging through your trash. Bears are a way of life for those who live in rural areas. But if you don’t have the right protection to keep them away from your property, then these types of encounters will likely increase. A sturdy trash can, though, isn’t nearly enough. You need a bear-resistant enclosure for your trash can.

Bear Trash Enclosure in Tahoe

A trash enclosure is a sturdy metal container that protects your garbage bin/can and other waste from bears. A bear box is built to withstand the strength of a bear and typically requires a locking mechanism to access. They are often found in heavily populated areas with a high risk of bear encounters, such as residential neighborhoods.

Why a Trash Can Isn’t Enough

Even small bears are incredibly strong. Most, though, are five-times stronger than the average person and can kill a human with a single swipe. They have a bite force of up to 800 PSI and can reportedly knock over a 300-plus pound boulder with a single paw. In terms of their eating habits, black bears don’t love meat as much as grizzly bears, instead preferring fruits, berries and insects. But that doesn’t mean they won’t rummage through your trash can, or even break into your car or house if they think they can get to food. Hence, even a sturdy trash can is no match for a bear.

Repeat Visitor

The real problems, though, occur when a bear thinks you offer a good source of food. They’ll keep coming back to your property over and over again if they find anything to eat. Hence the need to be proactive – they won’t come back if they don’t think they can access food.

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