Qualities to Look for in Landscape Maintenance Contractors

by | Nov 8, 2018 | Construction Tip

Landscaping plays a major role in the overall aesthetic of a property. Whether you’re a business owner or the president of an HOA, it’s up to you to work with landscape maintenance contractors who provide high-quality service. This means you need to do a little research before you hire someone. The last thing you want to do is start a relationship with a company that can’t fulfill your demands. It’s imperative you take a few things into consideration first.

The Right Services for Your Needs

Landscaping companies aren’t all created equal. Some only provide a limited number of services. You want to consider exactly what type of maintenance needs your property requires on a regular basis. This could involve simple mowing and edging or more extensive service, such as fertilization and pest control. Make sure you get a list of all the services a company’s landscape maintenance contractors can perform. Before you hire them, ensure they have the resources needed to provide these services on a regular basis.

A Dedicated Account Manager

Landscaping maintenance is an ongoing process. This means you need a dedicated account manager to maintain an open line of communication. This person will be there to inform you about the services provided, answer any questions and help resolve any issues that may arise. They can also assist with any necessary changes to your schedule. An account manager directs inquiries about additional services to the right salesperson and relays information about your property to the contractors working on your account.

Experience and Accreditation

It’s important you work with an organization that has years of experience providing landscaping service in your area. This means their landscape maintenance contractors are skilled in all manner of techniques and understand the seasonal changes and growth patterns in your region. You should also look for association with reputable organizations like the National Association of Landscape Professionals and International Society of Arboriculture.

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